The Space Campus of the UPEC is led by its steering committee. This committe gathers actors from the UPEC but also from external organizations. They plan Campus projects but also ensurs their feasibility as well as their supervision.

The members of the steering committee are:

  • Hervé Cottin, Professor, researcher at LISA and assessor of the Spacial Campus
  • Noël Grand, research engineer at LISA
  • Noel Mombazet, engineer at Campus Spatial and LISA
  • Christelle Vézien, vice-dean of the science faculty at the UPEC, in charge of pedagogy
  • Gérard Bourdon, deputy director of the Créteil-Vitry IUT (UPEC), in charge of pedagogy
  • Christophe Morin, head of the biological engineering department of Sénart-Fontainebleau IUT (UPEC)
  • Daniel Kalinowski, lecturer at UPEC, manager of the ground station
  • Catalin Dima, professor at the UPEC, researcher at the LACL
  • Julien Cervelle, professor at the UPEC, responsible of the IT Master’s degree, director of the LACL
  • Yoann Iacono/Séverine Despot, member of the Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir group
  • Alain Gaboriaud/Nicolas Verdier, heads of the Janus program (CNES)

Projects are conceived and realized by students.

The researchers, engineers and professors of the UPEC involved in the Space Campus oversee the development of the cubesats: their payload and the experimental instruments. However, the conception, the building, tests and data analysis are performed by students.