The Space Campus is mainly located inside the UPEC structures. Two rooms are entirely dedicated to the Space Campus.

The ground station, opened in 2017-2018

The ground station is located in the building of the Créteil Vitry IUT. It is divided into two main structures: the antenna and the control center.

On the roof, there is a 9-meters high mast on which is fixed a rotator. This rotator is connected to two Yagi antennas: one functioning in the UHF range (Ultra High Frequency), and the other one in the VHF (Very High Frequency) range, both using amateur radio frequencies. The use of such frequencies is free, although regulated and coordinated by international frequency allocation agencies. The Space Campus is committed to share its satellite data with the worldwide amateur radio community. This knowledge sharing policy is a major choice of the Space Campus.

The antennas are connected to the control center, a room located near the rooftop installations. In this center, it is possible to control the antennas in order to track the satellite positions and communicate with them. Performing transmitting and receiving radio equipment allows the modulation and demodulation of the communication signals.

The ground station will be networked with the partner universities, CPUT and VT (LIEN). Workstations inside the control center allow some Space Campus students to settle there during their internship.

The “project room”, opened in 2019

This room is located in the building of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the UPEC. It is composed two connected rooms. In the first room, there are a 3D printer and a technodrill (precision drill), educational tools of interest for students working on the creation on projects. The other room presents offices and computers to accommodate students during their internship.

Some activities related to the Space Campus can also be carried out in external places, for instance in the rooms of the Computer Science Master’s degree.