Projects and internships with a “Space Campus” philosophy have been proposed at the UPEC since 2013-2014, with the at the outset of the OGMS-SA cubesat plans. This work, initiated by members of LISA, involved students from the begining, with the idea of ​​making them work as a team around this project. This willingness to train students working on special projects with a spatial theme quickly developed and required more and more staff and structuring.

In 2017, under the leadership of the Inter-University Laboratory of Atmospheric Systems (LISA), the UPEC establishes a steering committee for the formation of its Space Campus. This Campus relies on the LISA and LACL laboratories, as well as on the IUT Créteil Vitry and the Faculty of Science and Technology formations. At that time, students were already working on CubeSat projects, but they were scattered since there was no structure or funding for optimal team functioning. The need for specific locations was major because all students had to work in a room that was becoming too small.

In the autumn of 2018, with the election of Jean-Luc Dubois Randé as president of the UPEC, the Space Campus actually took shape. On this occasion, Hervé Cottin (PU at the UPEC) is named assessor of the Space Campus to the Vice-Chairman of the UPEC Research Commission Simon Gilbert. A few months later, the “project room” is open : it can accommodate the Campus students.