OGMS-SA, technologic demonstrator

Beginning of the project: 2013

Planned launching : end of 2023

Orbital Grey Measurement System and Software Advancement (OGMS-SA) is the first CubeSat project designed by the UPEC Space Campus. As an initial project, the development of OGMS-SA is longer because the students fully design the whole CubeSat platform, whose plans can be re-used for future CubeSats.

Computer science students also develop algorithms and programs essential to the functional operation of the OGMS-SA platform. Among other things, they define the communication protocol of various e-cards and they model the embedded software of the on-board computer. These students also work to predict any potential failures that OGMS-SA may experience.

OGMS-SA is a nanosatellite made up of 2U equipped with 4 payloads (scientific experiment):

  • a camera to take pictures of the Earth.
  • It is equipped with RADMON, an electronique card that will make high energy radiation dose measurements once placed in orbit.
  • The structure is made in additive printing, which is a first for CubeSat
  • Finally, OGMS-SA is equipped with a secondary on-board computer to test so-called exotic computer code.

OGMS-SA is a technological demonstration project. It is necessary to ensure that technologies such as the structure made by 3D printing as well as the platform (all the vital functions of the satellite) behave correctly once exposed to the constraints of space and of the launch (vibrations, temperature, pressure, etc.). To achieve those objective OGMS-SA will have to take radiation dose measurements on its orbit as well as sending back to Earth the results of the satellite control simulation carried out by the secondary onboard computer (simulation carried out with exotic computer code). The CubeSat will remain in orbit for approximately 6 months to carry out the measurements. These results will then be compared with the reference measurements obtained on the ground.

Frome the start of the internships in February 2021 to autumn 2021, the students of the Space Campus almost finalized the electronic boards and the mechanical design of OGMS-SA. The aim is to produce a prototype and test it before 2022. We will be integrating the flight model in 2022 for a launch in 2023.